Performance monitoring

Performance Monitors 

If you want to eliminate bottlenecks in your web application infrastructure, you have to collect performance data from the entire application infrastructure. 

This means that when choosing an automated tool to collect performance data on your web application you will need a web load tool that includes monitors or modules that allows you to monitor your entire web application environment while under a load. 

Agileload offer performance monitors for operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003 Server, Unix AIX/SUN Solaris/HP True64/Linux RedHat, etc.), Web and Application Servers (IIS, Apache, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBOSS, etc.), Database Servers (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc.), network equipment, SNMP-compatible components, as well as ERP (Siebel, SAP...) and Rich Internet Application (Ajax, Flex, Silverlight, webservices ect...)

Each monitor provides all of the performance indicators currently used by experts. 

Each collector provides, thanks to tabs classified according to type, synthetic views of all the data collected. Each measurement is available independently in the form of a chart of list and can be correlated with others. A scale reducer and 12 statistical functions help process graphic results. All the data is exportable under Windows and charts can be converted to tables.

Real time end to end performance measurement

Measuring only the web application response time, provide valuable information but does not relate it to the performance of the underlying hardware and software infrastructure. Agileload performance monitors gives you the possibility to really understand where the source of performance bottlenecks are and evaluate the impact of higher load levels. By monitoring in real time the entire web application environment while under load, you get the full picture !

Details make the difference

Complete and detailed ratings

  • More than 33 categorized indicators
  • User activity
  • Transaction response time
  • Transactional activities
  • Network activity
  • HTTP information
  • Errors
  • Customized log

Direct and quick client transaction analysis

  • Real time information collection
  • Synthetic indicator presentation
  • Direct information exportation


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