Test center: creating a job

A job comprises of the scenarios that make up a load / performance test, any monitoring that should be performed while the test is executing and other relevant information such as test duration, start time, SLA’s etc.

A job is created using AgileLoad Test Center which can be found in the AgileLoad folder of the Start Menu. Before creating a job it’s worth becoming familiar with the interface which is shown below:

Test center

The left windows is the Workspace which has the Repository, Monitoring, Results and Anomalies tab. In this section we’ll be looking at the 1st three tabs. By default the Repository tab is selected, this is the area where any existing scripts will show up, any monitoring profiles will be and where they can be created and any existing jobs will be. The right hand side window is contextual and will show information relevant to the task you are currently undertaking. This window is also divided into tabs as we can have multiple views open at one time.

To create a job right click on the Jobs folder and type in the name that you want to have the job, in this case I’ve created My1stJob, I’ve then opened it by double clicking it (note the tab at the top of the right hand window shows the current job name).

The right hand side of the window now shows an empty job, the upper section is where any monitors required for the test are dragged and dropped and where they are configured if remote monitoring is necessary (sees advanced section for more information). The lower section is where the scripts that will make up the test are placed and where the behaviour and amount of users for each script type is configured.


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