Application performance testing

The goal of performance testing is to appraise any user experience in realistic scenarios on your target application. It will allow you to assess machine and infrastructure capability. 

Performance testing, load testing, stress testing, capacity testing are all based on business requirements. It’s a professional approach to evaluating the performance of an application. It requires the simulation of real load scenarios running against your target applications or websites. So that means concurrent users. 

For testing sophisticated web applications, you also need a mix of relative transactions running at correct pacings. So that’s the speed at which each of the users is running at a correctly generated load. The load must be generated conforming to a HTTP standards. 

If you’re following all of those four points, then you end up with realistic load, which will then give you a fingerprint of the response time that the application will deliver. In fact it will give you the response time that you can expect and also the transaction rate that we know the application can deal with at its peak.

Why is your application so slow ?

Does your system comply with your business requirement ?

What will happen if your business grows ?

Performance testing :

  • Highlight performance bottlenecks in your hardware and software infrastructure
  • Reduce hardware and software costs by accurately predicting application scalability and capacity 

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Performance testing :

  • Helps you establish intelligent service level agreements (SLA) 
  • Verify that application meet specified performance requirements and avoid issue in production 
  • Guarantee a successful rollout

Performance testing :

  • Lets you simulate all type of user load to analyse system reaction
  • Helps you anticipate change and evolution of your needs
  • Ensures you an elevated ROI by reducing response time and minimizing unavailability
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Evaluate the performance of your web application, find and fix performance problems quickly with AgileLoad 

Will Agile load work with your applications ?

AgileLoad is suitable for testing all applications that use the HTTP protocol . This can be Web, Web 2.0, Ajax, Rich Internet Application, Web Services and Smart Clients such as WPF, Java or more complex Microsoft’s SharePoint, Oracle , SAP Net Weaver, and so on. 

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