AgileLoad Daemon

The Daemon allows the interaction of multiple computers in order to run Jobs (and distributed jobs).
It manages the repository (on the master host), global and script scope variables declared in AgileLoad scripts, HTTP injectors and Collectors.

The Daemon runs as a windows service.

AgileLoad Daemon Manager

Use the Daemon Manager program to configure and start the AgileLoad Daemon.

AgileLoad Daemon Manager can be started from the Windows Start/Programs/AgileLoad/AgileLoad menu or from the Test Center Tools/Launch Daemon Manager menu option.

Right click on the icon to access the Daemon Manager menu.

"Configure..." menu

Configure the Daemon using the "Configure..." menu option; the following dialog box will appear:

Listen Address:

All:  the daemon listens on all available IP addresses.
Custom: the daemon listens on the specified IP address.

Listen Port:

Default: the daemon listens on port 15140.
the daemon listens on the specified port.


Trace: if this check-box field is checked, additional tracing data will be logged to the Daemon log file AgileLoadDaemonService.log (AgileLoad\bin\Logs directory).
Shared HTTP/S Injector: For Multi-processor machines, it is recommended that this option be left unchecked. If this check-box field is not checked, a different HTTP Injector process is launched for each HTTP task group.
Run Daemon as a Service: it is recommanded that this option be left checked. If this check-box is not checked, when you close your session, the daemon will be stoppped.

Advanced Parameters:

NAT / PAT: you can specify the testManager external IP and port. i.e. address where remote injectors may reach it.


A logon session is needed by the collectors for Microsoft (IIS, Windows, SQLServer...) and the HTTP injector when client certificates are used. Specify a valid login, password and domain in the login, password and domain fields.

"Start Daemon" menu

Starts the Daemon service on the local Host.

"Stop Daemon" menu

Stops the Daemon service.

"Service Information..." menu

Shows Daemon information in the following dialog box:

Version: Daemon service version.
Listen Addresses: List of IP addresses in which the Daemon is listening.

"Registry Editor.." menu

Launch the RegistryEditor tool to modify critical system settings in order to enable large HTTP load tests (see Appendix B).

"IP Generator..." menu

Launch the IPGenerator tool to add or remove IP addresses.

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