Apache performance Collectors

The Apache collector module lets you find out how well an Apache web server is performing. The Apache collector module collects information from the "mod-status" Apache module. This module is disabled in the Apache default configuration. Follow the "Configure the mod-status Apache module" instructions to activate it.

To edit an Apache collector:

  1. In the Repository Tab, double-click Collectors/Apache Collector to open the folder and display the contained Collectors.
  2. Double-click on an existing or new Collector to open it.

Performance counters:

Total Accesses The total number of times the module has been accessed.
Total kBytes A total byte count served.
CPULoad The current CPU percentage used by each child and overall by Apache.
remark: this counter is
not available on most Win32 versions of Apache.
Uptime The time the server was started/restarted and the length of time the server has been running.
ReqPerSec The average number of requests per second.
BytesPerSec The average number of bytes served per second.
BytesPerReq The average number of bytes per request.
BusyServers The current hosts and requests being processed.
IdleServers The number of idle children.

The Score Board Performance Counters described below represent the state of the server's child processes

Waiting for connection Number of servers ready and waiting for a connection.
Starting up Number of servers starting up.
Reading request Number of servers reading data from a client (browser).
Sending reply Number of servers writing data to a client (browser).
Keep alive (read)  Number of  servers servicing a keep alive request (persistent HTTP).
DNS Lookup  Number of servers performing a DNS lookup.
Logging  Number of servers writing to a log file.
Gracefully Finishing  Number of servers gracefully finishing.
Number of open servers with no current process Number of servers that could be started but are not.

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