Apache Collectors view

The Apache collector editor is composed of three views:

  1. The servers list view
  2. The information view   
  3. The server preview

Servers view

The Servers view displays the list of Apache web servers to survey. New servers can be inserted manually in the list. Existing servers can be duplicated, deleted and modified. The following actions (contextual menu) are available in the counters view:

A server name can be modified directly in the list by double-clicking on a cell of the Name column.

Information view

The Information view displays the attributes of the selected server and allows them to be modified.
The server attributes are as follows:

Name Server name
Host:Port Host (or IP address) and listening Port number of the Apache server
SSL if true, connects to the apache server using https

Apache mod-status url 

Interval(s) Time period (in seconds) to control The frequency of data collection
Enable If false, server is ignored
Proxy allows to specify connection settings (see "Proxy Settings")

Server Preview

The preview feature let's you check if an Apache server selected in the "Servers" list is correctly configured. It gives a list of all the performance counters available on the selected server. 

To get the list of performance counters:

  1. Select one line (Update is disabled if several lines are selected) from the Servers list.

  2. Open the contextual menu and select the Update entry or click the Update button ( icon) located at the top-right side of the page.

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