Test Audit log

The Test Audit log contains a list of significant events that have occurred during a Job-run. These include the times and details of job initiation, completion, errors, warning and Virtual User details.

Additional Audit log entries may be added to the log if the Scripts included in the job have been modeled to incorporate the appropriate code. To generate the data content for the Audit log, use the LOG command in a Script.

After selecting the "Test Audit log" entry from the Monitoring tab tree view, a dialog box describing the types of messages will appear. 

The different types of messages include:


Times and details of job initiation and completion


Error messages (i.e. TCP connection failed)


Warning messages (i.e. Connection retry)

User Trace

User message (LOG command)

Check errors check error messages


Example of an auditlog from a job with a script containing the following command (FMSTOCKS_LOGIN is a String variable):


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