Checks View

The Checks view () shows statistics relative to the availability of the application.

Your Script is written to run multiple concurrent users. But how can you make sure that all users are logged on successfully? We have to check the validity of the pages that are loaded for each virtual user executing the script. This can be done by adding a check option on a web requests. By default, the recording process adds a check option on every primary web requests in order to verify the title of the page (this option can be changed in the recording options).

Select the "Checks view" entry in the monitoring or result tab tree; the following window will appear:

Top part

The top part of the window shows

Bottom part

The bottom part of the windows displays detailed statistics about checks.
The following information is displayed
for each check:

Double clicking on one of the two graphs, or selecting "Maximize/Minimize" from the contextual menu will maximize/minimize its size.

The "Check per second" chart and "Checks" pie chart display statistics relative to the check which are selected in the "Checks" list.

Multi-Graph Zooming

See Global Timer View.

Applying Graph functions

See Global Timer View.


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