Edit HTTP Request's Parameters

Use the edit parameters feature to replace web request parameter values (located in the request's URL and/or BODY) by variables.

  1. Select a Web request in the Script window,

  2. Click the button (or the "Tools/Record Request details" menu option or "Record Request details" from the contextual menu), and select the Client tab in HTTP Data window:

    The Request section displays the recorded request.
    The Parameters section display the request parameters.
  3. Select a parameter in the list (eg: login):

  4. Modify the parameter's value in the "Value" edit box (click the Reset button to rollback to original value) or choose the "Variable" option and select a variable name in the combo box (click "Create" to create new variables if needed).
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each parameter you want to modify.
  6. Click the "Apply Changes" button to apply your modifications to the request:

Remark: The parameter list will be empty if a request contains parameters in an unsupported format.



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