Creating a Report Starting from a Report Template

Remark: This feature is only available if a licensed version of AgileLoad Report Designer is installed.

AgileLoad Test Center allows reports to be automatically generated from job results. The report content is based on report templates created using AgileLoad Report Designer.
The generated reports are Microsoft Word or HTML documents.

You can produce a report which compares results coming from different executions of load test.

To generate a report:

  1. Select a results folder in the result tab of the Workspace window, right-click and select "Generate Report..." from the contextual menu:

    or select the Generate Report toolbar icon or "Report/Generate Report..." menu.

    The following dialog box will appear:

    The tree view located on the top left part of the dialog box allows to select one or more result folders (a result folder is already selected if you chose "Generate report" from the result tab contextual menu).
    The result pathes corresponding to select folders are listed in the "Selected result pathes" field.

    The upper right section shows the job characteristics related to the highlighted result folder:

  2. Click the Browse button in the "Report Template" field.

    Select a report template (previously created with AgileLoad Report Designer) in the opened dialog box.

  3. Click the Browse button in the "Report file" field.
    Select the report format: html or doc

    Specify a name for the report or select an existing document in the opened file dialog:

  4. Click Generate; the following dialog will appear showing the progress of the generation.

  5. If the "Open after generation" option was checked, Microsoft Word will automatically launch showing the generated report.

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