The .Net Monitor collector editor

Double-click a collector in the Agileload Test Center repository tree to open the collector editor.

The collector editor contains two sections

Target Parameters

Host Name: Specify the host name to monitor

User & Password: The .Net collector needs a Windows account that can retrieve performance counters and registry information from the server on which Windows is running. This account must have access to the server's performance monitor counters, and read access to the server's Windows registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib path).
(eg: To view performance counters, a user must be a member of the local "Performance Monitor Users" group, "Performance Log Users" group, "Administrators" group, or equivalent)
(eg: A user in the "Administrators" group may not be able to view performance counters. Use an account that is member of the "Performance Monitor Users" group)
Windows XP and Windows 2000: The Administrator or users in the "Administrator" group can view performance counters without restriction.

If logon failed:

Polling Time: Enter a polling value in the Polling Time edit box to control the frequency of data collection.


This section is used to test if .Net statistics can be correctly collected from the monitored host.

Once you have defined the target parameters, click the Test Connection button at the top right side of the Statistics view. The collected statistics are displayed:

Remark: On each machine monitored, a dedicated windows session must be created. The session parameters can be specified in the Agileload Daemon configuration window. If the session parameters are not already set in the Agileload Daemon, the LogonSessionCfg tool is automatically launched:

Specify a login in the Login field, its associated password in the Password field, a domain in the Domain field and click "OK".





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