Locks and Threads

The LocksAndThreads window shows counters that provide information about managed locks and threads that an application uses.

The Locks and Threads window shows the followings counters :

logical: Number of current .NET thread objects in the application. A .NET thread object is created either by new System.Threading.Thread or when an unmanaged thread enters the managed environment. This counters maintains the count of both running and stopped threads. This counter is not an average over time; it just displays the last observed value.
recognized: number of threads that are currently recognized by the CLR; they have a corresponding .NET thread object associated with them. These threads are not created by the CLR; they are created outside the CLR but have since run inside the CLR at least once. Only unique threads are tracked; threads with same thread ID re-entering the CLR or recreated after thread exit are not counted twice.
Contentions/sec Rate at which threads in the runtime attempt to acquire a managed lock unsuccessfully. Managed locks can be acquired in many ways; by the "lock" statement in C# or by calling System.Monitor.Enter or by using MethodImplOptions.Synchronized custom attribute.
Queue length /sec number of threads per second currently waiting to acquire some managed lock in the application.

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