Results Display

Statistics collected by an Hyper-V Monitor collector are available in the Monitoring tab of the Agileload Test Center's Workspace bar while the collector is running and in the Result tab when the collector has finished. The results are the same in both mode except that they are displayed in real time in Monitoring mode.

When a Job contains a Hyper-V Monitor collector, a "Hyper-V" folder can be found in the monitoring/result tree:

For each Hyper-V Monitor collector running as part of the job, a folder is created under the "Hyper-V" one to contain the results.

The first item under each collector folder, named "Overview", will display all statistics as charts and grids in a single tabbed window which help having a global vision of what is happening on the server.

The other items are each statistic displayed as a chart with more capabilities (overlapping series, scales, titles, legend, colors, fonts, ...), they are helpful to merge/compare results with others (eg: number of virtual users loaded by Agileload, Windows statistics collected last month, ...).

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