ASP (Active Server Pages)

The ASP window shows information about the IIS server ASP engines. 

Sessions (Unit)
Current: The current number of sessions being serviced.
Trans/s: Transactions started per second.
Aborted/s: The number of transactions aborted per second.
Committed/s: The number of transactions committed per second.
Pending: Number of transactions in progress.
Executing: The number of requests currently executing.
Queued: The number of requests waiting for service from the queue.
Rejected/s: The number of requests not executed per second because there were insufficient resources to process them.
Timed Out/s: The number of requests that timed out per second.
Script Runtime/s: Number of requests failed per second due to runtime errors.
ASP Preprocessor/s: Number of requests failed per second due to preprocessor errors.
Script Compiler/s: Number of requests failed per second due to script compilation errors.
Req. Not Found/s: The number of requests per second for files that were no found.
Errors/s: The number of errors per second.
Cache (Unit)
Script Engines: The number of script engines in cache.
Templates: The number of templates currently cached.
Cache Efficiency (%Hit)
%Hit: Percent of requests found in template cache.

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