The Informix Monitor parameters

Double-click a collector in the Agileload Test Center repository tree to open the collector editor.

Connection parameters

  1. Enter the name of the ODBC datasource in the "ODBC Source Name" field. The datasource must be configured to use the Informix ODBC driver.
    To create a new datasource, click the "ODBC mgr." button or select the "Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Data Sources (ODBC)" menu.

  2. Fill the "Server name", "Host Name", "Service", "protocol", "User Id" and "password" fields and select the "sysmaster" database in the "Database Name" drop-down list.
  3. Click the Apply & Test Connection button to check the validity of the settings you have defined.
    A window appears indicating the success or failure of the test connection.

Polling Time

Enter a polling value in the Polling Time (seconds) fields to control the frequency of data collection.


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