The Locks window shows information about the locks.

Lock wait ratio

Percentage of locks which are waiting. Any time a connection waits for another connection to complete its transaction, the overall response time for an application is affected.

Locks per second

Byte byte lock
IS Intent shared lock
S Shared lock
SR Shared lock held by repeatable reader
U Update lock
UR Update lock held by repeatable reader
IX Intent exclusive lock
SIX Shared intent exclusive lock
X Exclusive lock
XR Exclusive key value held by repeatable reader

Lock requests per second

Number of lock requests per second

Deadlocks per seconds

Number of deadlocks per second. (deadlock: a candidate is chosen and terminated to resolve a deadlock)

Attemps to exceed the max number of locks /s

Is the number of times that the database server attempted to exceed the max number of locks (LOCKS in onconfig).

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