Query/Key cache

The Query/Key cache window shows information about the MySQL Server memory areas.

Key cache hit ratio

Percentage of times a key read is handled from the key buffer cache

Key cache memory (Blocks)

Used The number of used blocks in the key cache
Not flushed The number of key blocks in the key cache that have changed but haven't yet been flushed to disk.

Key cache Physical I/O

Reads The number of physical reads of a key block from disk. If Reads is big, then your key_buffer_size value is probably too small.
Writes The number of physical writes of a key block to disk.

Key cache: Requests to (per second)

Read a  block The number of requests to read a key block from the cache.
Write a block The number of requests to write a key block to the cache.

Query cache free memory (KBytes)

The amount of free memory for query cache

Query cache memory (Blocks)

Free The number of free memory blocks in query cache
Total The total number of blocks in the query cache

Queries (per second)

Hits The number of cache hits
Added The number of queries added to the cache
Deleted The number of queries that were deleted from the cache because of low memory.
Not cached The number of non-cached queries (not cachable, or due to query_cache_type).

Queries registered

The number of queries registered in the cache.

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