Activity Summary

The Activity Summary window gives a quick access to the activity of a MySQL server.


Connected Number of currently open connections
Running Number of connections that are not sleeping.
Aborted Number of connections aborted because the client died without closing the connection properly.
Failed Number of tries to connect to the MySQL Server that failed


Cached Number of threads in the thread cache
Created Number of threads created to handle connections


Key cache hit ratio

Percentage of times a key read is handled from the key buffer cache


Sent to client Number of bytes sent to all client.
Recv from client Number of bytes received from all clients.

Table locks (per second)

Immediate number of table lock requests which were processed immediately
Waited number of table lock requests which were processed after a delay

Opened Tables

Number of tables opened


Created Number of pages created per second
read Number of pages read per second
written Number of pages written per second


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