The Oracle Monitor parameters

Double-click a collector in the Agileload Test Center repository tree to open the collector editor.

Connection parameters

  1. Enter the name of the target Oracle database server in the Alias text box.
    The name you enter here is the Oracle database server to be monitored. The "Alias" combo box should be filled with aliases defined on your local machine (tnsnames.ora file).
  2. In the Port text box, enter the Port number of the Oracle TNS Listener.

  3. Select the relevant Connection Type for your client libraries, click either "Oracle 8" or "Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g". Depending on the Connection Type option you have chosen, enter the Service Name or the SID.

  4. Enter a Login and Password. This login must have access rights to the V$ tables.

  5. Click the Test Connection button to check the validity of the settings you have defined for the target Oracle Server.
    A window appears indicating the success or failure of the test connection.

Polling Time

Enter a polling value in the Polling Time (seconds) edit box to control the frequency of data collection.

Top SQL parameters

The Top SQL window of the Oracle Overview allows to identify SQL Statements that are causing database performance degradation. 
Four criterias can be selected in order to find the most consuming SQL Statements:


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