Calls Activity

The Calls Activity window shows information about the database calls executed by all sessions. 

Calls per second

Calls Number of calls per second
Parse (total) Number of parse per second
Parse (hard) Number of hard parse per second.
If a session executes a SQL statement that does not exist in the shared pool, then Oracle has to do a hard parse:
  • Allocates memory for the statement from the shared pool.
  • Check the statement syntactically
  • Check if the user trying to execute the statement has the necessary rights to execute it
Exec/Open Number of cursor open/execute per second
Commit Number of commit per second
Rollback Number of rollback per second


Per transaction statistics

Block change The number of database blocks in memory (SGA) that are modified per transaction
Block visit The number of database blocks in memory (SGA) that are visited per transaction
Calls The number of calls per transaction

Rows fetched per second

By rowid (index) Number of rows fetched by rowid (index) per second
By table scan Number of rows fetched by table scan per second
Chained or migrated Number of  chained or migrated rows fetched per second


Chained fetch Rate at which chained rows are encountered.
Index fetch Rate at which rows are fetched by index

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