The Top SQL window allows to identify SQL Statements that are causing database performance degradation. 
Four criterias can be selected in order to find the most consuming SQL Statements (drop-down list located at top-left side of the window):


The top SQL grid contains the following columns:

SQL SQL Statement
Buffer Gets Number of Buffer Gets
Disk reads Number of Disk reads
Executions Number of Executions
Rows processed Number of rows processed
Buffer Gets / Exec Number of Buffer gets per execution
Disk Reads / Exec Number of Disk reads per execution
Rows processed / Exec Number of rows processed per execution
First load time First load time

Select an item in the grid to display the full SQL Statement in the edit view located at the bottom of the window.

By default, the last snapshot is displayed in the grid. Use the slidder (or the arrow buttons) located at the top of the grid to navigate through the collected snapshots. In monitoring, the "Update" button must be unchecked to be able to navigate through the collected snapshots.

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