OracleAS Monitor prerequisites

Install Java Runtime Environment

  1. Download the J2SE 5.0 (or above) (x86 version) from
  2. Follow the instruction of the installer program
  3. Please note where the JRE has been installed, this folder will be useful later.

Add the "jvm.dll" file to the path

Once the JRE is correctly installed on your computer, you can follow the next steps.

  1. Right Click on the "My Computer" icon of your desktop
  2. Select Properties item
  3. Select the Advanced tab 

    System Properties

  4. Click on the Environment Variables... button (the screenshots came from Windows 2000, so the position of the button might change)
  5. It opens the following dialog box :

    Environment Variables

  6. Choose the Path Variable in the System Variables list.
  7. Click on the the Edit... button
  8. The following dialog is opened:

    Modify Path

  9. Paste at the end of the Variable Value edit box the following characters :

    1. insert the ";" character
    2. then paste the entire path to your JRE installation, for example :  "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_15"
    3. add to this path "\bin\client" (or "\bin\server").

    To sum up, the string you have to insert is ";<JRE-folder>\bin\client" (without the double quotes)
    Be careful that the jvm.dll file must be in the path you are adding. (It can be hidden in the explorer window by default, so use the "View all files" option to be sure this file is present.

  11. You can confirm your choice by clicking on OK button and close all the previous windows.

Once all these steps have been successfully done, you can reboot your computer.

Copy the OracleAS JAR files to the Agileload Folder : OracleAS 10

OracleAS 10g

The following files must be copied to the following folder : "<Agileloadfolder>\bin\JMX\jsr160\OracleAS1\", in order to make OracleAS Monitor work correctly. This folder already contains the "Agileload-jmx-oracle.jar" file. The new jar files must be directly copied to this folder, without creating subdirectories :

Here is the place where you will find each required JAR files :

  • <oracleas-folder>/diagnostics/lib/ojdl.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/oc4jclient.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/adminclient.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/connector.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/ejb.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/javax77.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/javax88.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/jms.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/jmx_remote_api.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/jmxri.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/jta.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/j2ee/home/lib/oc4j-internal.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/jdbc/lib/ocrs12.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14dms.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/jlib/ojpse.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/jlib/oraclepki.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/lib/dms.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/lib/xmlparserv2.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/opmn/lib/optic.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/rdbms/jlib/aqapi.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/webservices/lib/wsclient.jar
  • <oracleas-folder>/webservices/lib/wsserver.jar
Verify that the "<Agileloadfolder>\bin\JMX\" folder contains the "Agileload-jmx-generic.jar" file and the "<Agileloadfolder>\bin\JMX\jsr160\" folder contains the "Agileload-jmx-jsr160.jar" file.

Your OracleAS Monitor module is now ready to run.

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