The WebService overview gives a quick access to the activity of WebService.

WebService Port

Timer (ms)

Service The time required to process requests.

Parse (unit)

Request Number of parse request.

Request/Response (unit/s)

UnmarshallRequest Number of unmarshall request.
MarshallResponse Number of marshall response.

Fault (unit/s)

Fault Total number of faults encountered.

Active (unit)

Active Number of active WebService requests.

WebService Operation

Calls (unit/s)

Request Number of request message.
Reponse Number of response message.

Fault (unit/s)

Fault The number of faults.

Active (unit)

Active The number of concurrent threads accessing the operation.

ServiceTime (ms)

ServiceTime The time required to process requests.

Size (bytes)

Last Request Size Number of bytes in the request message.
Last Response Size Number of bytes in the response message.

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