The Connections window shows information about the Connections activity. 


Active Number of connections which are currently executing a query
Idle Number of idle connections
Waiting Number of connection which are waiting


Free Connections

Number of free connections: Consider Increasing the "max_connections" configuration parameter if the number of free connections approaches 0.

The grid located at the bottom of the window shows each individual session with the following information for each one:

Database Id Database identigier
Database Name Database name
Pid Process identifier
User name user name
Query Current query
Waiting Query's waiting status: "True" if the user is waiting else "false"
Query start Time at which the current query began execution
Backend start time at which the process was started
Client addr Client address
Client port Client port number

By default, the last snapshot is displayed in the grid. Use the slidder (or the arrow buttons) located at the top of the grid to navigate through the collected snapshots. In monitoring, the "Update" button must be unchecked to be able to navigate through the collected snapshots.

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