Calls Activity

The Calls Activity window shows information about the database calls executed by all sessions. 

Access Methods (per second)

Fulls scan Number of unrestricted full scans per second. These can be either base-table or full-index scans.
Index searches Number of index searches per second. These are used to start range scans and single index record fetches and to reposition an index.
Probe Scans Number of probe scans per second. These are used to find rows in an index or base table directly
Range Scans Number of qualified range scans through indexes per second.

SQL Compilations (per second)

Compilations Number of SQL compilations per second. Indicates the number of times the compile code path is entered. Includes compiles due to recompiles. After SQL Server user activity is stable, this value reaches a steady state.
Re-Compilations Number of SQL recompiles per second. Counts the number of times recompiles are triggered. In general, you want the recompiles to be low.

Auto-Params (per second)

Attempts Number of auto-parameterization attempts per second. Total should be the sum of the failed, safe, and unsafe auto-parameterizations. Auto-parameterization occurs when an instance of SQL Server attempts to reuse a cached plan for a previously executed query that is similar to, but not the same as, the current query.
Failed Number of failed auto-parameterization attempts per second. This should be small.
Safe Number of safe auto-parameterization attempts per second.

Batch Requests per second

Number of Transact-SQL command batches received per second. This statistic is affected by all constraints (such as I/O, number of users, cache size, complexity of requests, and so on). High batch requests mean good throughput.

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