Sybase Monitor

Sybase Monitor complements Agileload by extending the range of data collection and monitoring options available, by adding the ability to monitor and record performance data from Sybase components of target systems. It enables the creation of Collectors that can include a number of monitoring and data collection options. Results data generated by Sybase Monitor Collectors can be displayed and analyzed to help to identify bottlenecks that occur on target Sybase Systems during Job-runs.


  1. Logon to Adaptive Server with sa.

  2. Execute: sp_addserver 'loopback', null, <ASE server name>


Agileload automatically adds the mon_role privilege. Logons does not have this role by default, so it needs to be added to the sa logon and any other user logon.

Agileload Sybase collector automatically sets the following configuration settings the first time it starts:

exec sp_configure "enable monitoring", 1
exec sp_configure "deadlock pipe active", 1
exec sp_configure "deadlock pipe max messages", 1000
exec sp_configure "wait event timing", 1
exec sp_configure "process wait events", 1
exec sp_configure "object lockwait timing", 1
exec sp_configure "statement statistics active", 1
exec sp_configure "per object statistics active", 1

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