SOLARIS Statistics



CPU (%)
        User User time.
        System System time.
        Idle Idle time.
Memory (MB)
        Swap space Amount of swap space currently available (MB)
        Free list Size of the free list (MB)
Paging (KB/s)
        Pages in Kbytes paged in.
        Pages out Kbytes paged out.
        Pages freed Kbytes freed.
Faults (Unit/s)
        Device intr. Interrupts per second.
        System calls System calls per second.
        Ctxt switches CPU context switch rate.
Kernel Threads
        On run queue The number of kernel threads in the dispatch queue.
        Blocked Blocked kernel threads waiting for resources.
        Swapped Swapped out LWPs waiting for processing resources to finish.


        Sleeping Process is waiting for an event to complete.
        Running Process is running on a processor.
        Runnable Process is on run queue.
        Zombie Process terminated and parent not waiting.
        Stopped Process is stopped, either by a job control signal or because it is being traced.
        %CPU The ratio of CPU time used recently to CPU time available in the same period, expressed as a percentage.
The meaning of ``recently'' in this context is unspecified. The CPU time available is determined in an unspecified manner.
Memory (MB)
        VSZ The total size of the process in virtual memory, in kilobytes.
        RSS The resident set size of the process, in kilobytes.


CPU Utilization
        User Percent user time.
        System Percent system time.
        Wait Percent wait time.
        Idle Percent idle time.
Context Switches (Unit/s)
        Switches Context switches per second.
        Involuntary Sw. Involuntary context switches per second.
System Calls (Unit/s)
        Calls System calls per second.
Interrupts (Unit/s)
        Interrupts Interrupts per second.
        Int. as threads Interrupts as threads per second (not counting clock interrupt).

Disks IO

Read/Write Operations (Unit/s)
        Read Reads per second.
        Write Writes per second.
        wait Average number of transactions waiting for service (queue length).
        actv Average number of transactions actively being serviced (removed from the queue but not yet completed).
Service Time (ms)
        wsvc_t Average service time in wait queue, in milliseconds.
        asvc_t Average service time active transactions, in milliseconds.
State Time (%)
        %w Percent of time there are transactions waiting for service (queue non-empty).
        %b Percent of time the disk is busy (transactions in progress).
        ESTABLISHED Connection has been established.
        TIME_WAIT Wait after close for remote shutdown retransmission.
        CLOSE_WAIT Remote shutdown; waiting for the socket to close.
        SYN_RECEIVED Initial synchronization of the connection under way.
        SYN_SENT Actively trying to establish connection.
Packets (Unit/s)
        Input Input packets per second.
        Output Output packets per second.
Errors per second
        Input Receive errors on this network interface per second.
        Output Transmit errors on the interface per second.
        Collisions Collisions per second.


Usage History (MB)

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