Thread Pool

The Thread Pool overview gives a quick access to the activity of Connectors Thread Pool.

WebLogic 9 and above

Pending Requests

All The number of pending requests in the priority queue. This is the total of internal system requests and user requests.
Users The number of pending user requests in the priority queue. The priority queue contains requests from internal subsystems and users. This is just the count of all user requests.

Completed Requests

Completed The number of completed requests in the priority queue.


Total The total number of threads in the pool.
Idle The number of idle threads in the pool. This count does not include standby threads and stuck threads. The count indicates threads that are ready to pick up new work when it arrives.
Hogging The threads that are being held by a request right now. These threads will either be declared as stuck after the configured timeout or will return to the pool before that. The self-tuning mechanism will backfill if necessary.
Standby The number of threads in the standby pool. Threads that are not needed to handle the present work load are designated as standby and added to the standby pool. These threads are activated when more threads are needed.


Throughput The mean number of requests completed per second.

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