Target Parameters

The Agileload WebSphere Monitor module use the JMX API to connect to WebSphere Application Server. The JMX server of WebSphere is started by default, but can be disabled in the configuration. Please verify that your Administrator have not disabled it before using the collector. This collector uses the SOAP connector to access the server, it must also be activated.

If your WebSphere server has just been installed, and its configuration has not been modified, you will only have to modify the current address of the server, and then try a connection using the Update button.

In the Target Parameters section of the WebSphere Monitor Editor, we can see several parameters :

Once you have correctly set up each parameters, you can click on the Update button of the Components view. If a message box with the following message is returned : "Connection to WebSphere Server failed", please verify that your server is correctly started and that all parameters are valid.

If you receive a message "Username or Password not valid", please adjust them correctly.

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