The System window shows information related to processes, threads and memory.

Context Switches (Unit/sec)

Context Switches/sec is the combined rate at which all processors on the computer are switched from one thread to another. Context switches occur when a running thread voluntarily relinquishes the processor, is preempted by a higher priority ready thread, or switches between user-mode and privileged (kernel) mode to use an Executive or subsystem service.

Last Memory (MBytes)

Available Amount of physical memory available to processes running on the computer. It is calculated by adding the amount of space on the Zeroed, Free, and Standby memory lists. Free memory is ready for use; Zeroed memory consists of pages of memory filled with zeros to prevent subsequent processes from seeing data used by a previous process; Standby memory is memory that has been removed from a process' working set (its physical memory) on route to disk, but is still available to be recalled.
Commited Amount of committed virtual memory. Committed memory is the physical memory which has space reserved on the disk paging file(s). There can be one or more paging files on each physical drive.

Processor Queue (unit)

Number of threads in the processor queue. Unlike the disk counters, this counter shows ready threads only, not threads that are running. There is a single queue for processor time even on computers with multiple processors.

Processes (unit)

Number of processes in the computer at the time of data collection.


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