Support of Adobe Flex Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Adobe Flex is a highly productive, free open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. Flex includes a rich component library with more than 100 proven, extensible UI components for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs).

Flex Remoting provides a binary, serialized data transport format called Action Message Format (AMF) to provide a fast, efficient means of transporting data to your RIA, which accelerates application performance. Flex Remoting also makes it fast and easy for developers to connect to back-end business logic and data. Flex Messaging adds real-time data push and publish/subscribe, both powerful capabilities now made easy.

AMF was introduced with Flash Player 6, and this version is referred to as AMF 0. It was unchanged until the release of Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3.0, when new data types and language features prompted an update, called AMF 3.


In order to be able to visualize and modify the AMF binaries messages, the AgileLoad recording module converts AMF messages to XML messages.
The user can easily insert variables in the requests, collect some results, and define validation tests.


The AgileLoad replay engine converts the XML messages to AMF messages.

AMF/XML conversion:

During the replay, the AMF to XML conversion uses some CPU resources. If a request does not need to be modified (eg: add some variables), it is a good idea to replace the XML message by the original AMF binary message. This will prevent the AgileLoad engine to convert the XML message to AMF.
This can be done by selecting the Tools/AMF XML conversion menu

A same flex requests with a body in AMF format and XML format



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