Create a class library for AgileLoad Flex Parser

  1. Launch Visual Studio, select the "File > New"  menu and "Project"...  sub-menu.

    Enter a project name, (eg: "ClockExt"), and a directory path:

  2. Select the "Project/Add reference" menu to add a reference to the "AgileLoad Flex Parser".

    Select the "Browse" tab, browse the AgileLoad/bin directory and select the "FlexParser.dll" file.

  3. Open "Class1.cs" and write here your transcoding C# code, for example : ClockExt

  4. Select "Release" in the "Solution Configurations" and build the project.
  5. Go to the build directory ("C:\MyDirectory\ClockExt\bin\Release") and copy the library ("ClockExt.dll") in the "AgileLoad\bin\FlexExt" directory.

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