Adobe Flex AMF protocol support in AgileLoad

To allow the AgileLoad user to modify and add some variables in the AMF message, the AgileLoad recording module converts the AMF messages to XML.

The AMF tree view allows to extract data from AMF responses.

Because AMF messages are managed like XML messages, data can be extracted from AMF messages using the same method than the one used to extract data from XML messages (see Extracting a web page content and Extracting data from a XML document)

When a parser is added to a flex http request, two functions calls are added to the flex http request:


    "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>"
    "<AmfMessage version=\"3\">"
    "     <AmfBody target=\"null\" response=\"/1\">"
    "         <Amf0Data type=\"strict-array\" referenceId=\"amf0obj0\">"
    "             <Amf0Data type=\"avmplus-object\">"
    "                 <Amf3Data type=\"object\" referenceId=\"object0\">"
    "                    <ClassType externalizable=\"False\" " </Amf0Data>"
    "         </Amf0Data>"
    "     </AmfBody>"
    result=XML_GetElementAttribute(_AmfToXml, "/AmfMessage[1]/AmfBody[1]/Amf0Data[1]/Amf3Data[1]/Member[2]/Amf3Data[1]", "type")


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