Global Timer /SLA View

The Global Timer /SLA view () displays

Select the "Global Timer/SLA view" entry in the monitoring tab tree; the following window will appear:

The following information is listed at the top of the window for each page and transaction timer:

Double clicking on one of the two graphs, or selecting "Maximize/Minimize" from the contextual menu will maximize/minimize its size.

To display the "Timer Value" and "Timer Frequency" graphs for a timer, select the radio button located to the left of the timer name.

Timer Values: timer values evolution
Timer frequency: Number of pages loaded per second (for page timers) or Number of transactions executed per seconds (for transaction timers)

Multi-Graph Zooming

  1. Click the icon in the Global Timers View toolbar to enable the multi-graph zooming option.

  2. Select one section of the 2 graphs

  3. The same zoom is automatically applied to the other graph.


Applying Graph functions

Eight functions can be applied from the series tab in the Global Timers View:

  • Average

The Average Function calculates the average of every group of Period points

  • Momentum

Ratio of value compared to previous 'nth' value

  • High

The High Function plots input high points

  • Low

The Low Function plots input low points

  • Moving Avg.

The Moving Average Function calculates the simple or weighted average of every group of Period points

  • Root Mean Sq

(RMS) Result = Sqrt( Sum( Square(Value) ) ) / NumValues )

  • Std Deviation

The Std Deviation Function calculates the standard deviation of every group of Period points

  • Trend

Draws best trend line through input series points

  1. Click the icon near the  icon in the Global Timer view toolbar and select on of the eight functions (i.e. Trend)

  2. Click the icon near the   again and select the options menu; in the opened dialog box specify a period (sample size or number of points given to the function.)

  3. Check the button () to apply the function to both series.



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