Data Banks

Simulating multiple users usually involves creating data banks. For instance, in order to simulate different users connecting to the fmstocks demo site, their login should be different:

  1. Locate the "Submit" request which contains the login used during Recording:

  2. Click on the Insert/Modify Variable icon to create a variable.

  3. Enter a Name for the new variable: LOGIN

  4. Select 'String' in the Type combo box.

  5. Select 'Script' in the Scope combo box. The scope of the variable should be 'Script' since the variable is shared by all virtual users executing this script.

  6. Select the 'Value List' radio button.

  7. Click the Generate Values icon :

  8. Type ta in the Prefix field, 10 in the Nb Values field, 1 in the From field and then click OK. This generates 10 different logins from ta1 to ta10:

  9. Leave the "Sequential (next)" option checked; A NEXT command is automatically inserted at the beginning of the script. It allows each user to use a different LOGIN value.

  10. Click Generate, the LOGIN variable is inserted in the Script's declaration section:

  11. Reperform steps 3 to 7 for the PASSWD variable (all passwords have the same value on fmstocks web site: ta). In the Generate values dialog box, type ta in the Prefix field, 10 in the Nb values field and leave the Increment check box unchecked:

  12. Again locate the "Submit" request which contains the login used during Recording and replace the login 'ta942' with the LOGIN variable, the password ‘ta’ with the PASSWD variable,  either manually or using the "Edit Parameters" feature.

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