Analyzing job results

The JOB_FMSTOCKS results are accessible in the Result tab of the Workspace window under the JOB_FMSTOCKS\<Job Start Time> folder.


Graph Overlapping: Hits per second and Moving Average Hits per second

Double-click on the Hits per Second entry under the HTTP folder (), the following graph will appear:

Right-Click on the "Hits per second" line at the bottom of the graph window and select the "Add Curve/Moving Avg." entry from the contextual menu.

The Function Parameters dialog box will open:

Enter 5 in the Period field of the "Function Parameters" dialog box and press "OK." The "MovAvg (Hits per second)" series is inserted in the graph:


Other samples of job results (Timer Summary, HTTP request list, 2 graphs.)

All type of results, Graphs, lists, and HTML reports can be modified, filtered, sorted, exported, and saved.

To display several graphs in a single graph window, select a graph from the result tab and drag and drop it into the graph window.

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