Creating an HTML Report

If AgileLoad Report Designer is not installed (or is not licensed), HTML reports can be created based on charts, tables and HTML documents previously saved in AgileLoad Center.

Graphs, lists and HTML documents must be saved in order to be included in a report.

To generate a report:

  1. Select the Report/Generate Report menu option (or the Generate Report toolbar icon .) A dialog box showing all the previously saved result components will appear.

  2. All the components displayed in the Components list will be included in the generated report. Select the icon to add new components. Select the icon to remove a component, and use the icons to reorder the components.
  3. Enter a report name in the Report Path edit box by clicking the button.
  4. Click Generate.

A report similar to the following is displayed:

Reports are HTML documents. They can be modified in AgileLoad Center just like as any other HTML documents. HTML Toolbar provides more information about modifying HTML documents. Using the "Toggle Browse Mode" button in the HTML Toolbar lets you navigate inside the document.



Note: The "Options / Report Settings..." menu can be used to change the way the graphs are exported when a report is generated.


Note: A new directory named "YOUR_REPORT_NAME_images" will be created to store the images (exported graphs) included in the report. The "YOUR_REPORT_NAME_images" directory should also be copied if the report is to be copied to another location. If not, the images will not be displayed.

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