Creating and Modifying a Job

A Job is a combination of one or more Scripts and one or more Collectors that can be run together to load test a WAE and monitor its components.

The added Scripts and Collectors are known as Tasks which are structured in Script-based and Collector-based Task Groups. A load test job must contain at least one Script-based Task Group which can include either one Script or a sequence of Scripts. Collector-based Task Groups are optional.

The job scenario to be simulated during a Job-run can be controlled by adjusting the Task Group settings. Assemble the Scripts and Collectors of the job then select the Task Group settings to be applied in order to generate the level of load required. For Script-based Task Groups these settings include the host used, the number of Virtual Users, and the number of Script iterations per Virtual User. The Host used to run the Task Group can be defined for Collector-based Task Groups.

Creating a New Job

Jobs are created and managed from the AgileLoad Test Center graphical interface.
To create a new job:

  1. Select the File/New.. menu option (or the New toolbar icon .)
  2. Select the Job icon in the opened dialog box.
  3. Enter a name, JOB_FMSTOCKS, in the Name edit box.
  4. Click OK.


  1. Right-click on the Jobs folder in the Repository tree.

  2. Select "New Job" from the pop-up menu. A new entry is created under the Jobs folder.

  3. Enter a Job name in the opened edit box (e.g. JOB_FMSTOCKS.)

  4. Double-click on the new entry created (JOB_FMSTOCKS) in the Repository tree under the Jobs folder.


Once a Job is created, double-click on it in the Repository tree to open the Job configuration window.
A window similar to that below will open:


Add the FMSTOCKS Script to the Job

To add the FMSTOCKS script to the current job, drag and drop it from the Repository tree into the Scripts list.  

Each row in the Collector list and the Script list is a different Task Group.

Add the Windows_local Collector to the Job

To add the Windows_local collector to the current job, drag and drop it from the Repository tree into the Collectors list.  

Configure a Job for 10 virtual users

Select the VU tab on the information window and put 10 in the "Number of Virtual Users" field. 

Configure the  job so that each virtual user executes the FMSTOCKS script 20 times

Select the Tasks tab on the information window and enter 20 in the "Iterations" field.


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