XML representation of GWT messages


  <version>5</version> specify the GWT version (supported since version 5).

  <flag>0</flag>JavaScript code is PRETTY, DETAILED (flag set to 0) or OBFUCATED (flag set to 1).

  <type_name_count>5</type_name_count> type name count.

  <module_url></module_url> url.

  <strong_name>5EE298F556A3FDC1F0EC4360352651DA</strong_name> strong name.

  <service_name>AgileLoad.gwt.examples</service_name> name of the service.

  <method_name>getAddress</method_name> name of the method.

  <method_param_count>1</method_param_count> number of parameters.


    <parameter id="1" type="boolean"> <object ... <parameter>
    - attribut "id": identifier
    - attribut "type": java primitive type or java class with namespace
    - node "object": object definition

    Sample of objects definitions:



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