HTTP Data Window and Replay

Replay activity can be monitored using the HTTP Data window and the Output window.

All the pages loaded during the script execution are displayed in real time in the HTTP data window. It quickly validates that the script is behaving as expected. The web pages are displayed when the last element linked to a web page has been loaded.

When a script is executed, the replay activity is displayed in the Replay tab of the output window.


The replay tab contains two view:

The response (Body, Client HTTP Header, Server HTTP Header)  associated with each HTTP request and the web page performance details can be displayed in the HTTP Data window.

To display the data associated to each HTTP request:

  1. Click a url link on the top window
    select an HTTP request in the detailed replay list
  2. (bottom window) and double click, click the icon in the toolbar or Right-click and select "Replay Request Details" from the contextual menu

  3. The icon is displayed to the left of the selected HTTP request
  4. The response associated with the selected HTTP request is displayed in the Http Data window 

Note: During script execution, a Graphical display of the running scenario is displayed in real time in the HTTP Data window.

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