Timers and Page Timer Values Repartition

The Timers Repartition shows the repartition of a timer values.

When the "Timer Values Repartition" result is selected, the following dialog box will open:

The "Timer Selection" list is used to select the timers to be analyzed.

Click the "Check All" button to select all the timers.

Click the "Uncheck All" buton to unselect the timers.

Specify a regular expression in the Search edit box and click the "Search Next" button; the next timer corresponding to the specified regular expression is located in the timer list.

Specify a regular expression in the Filter edit box and click the "Filter" button; only the timers corresponding to the regular expression are listed in the timer list.

The "Min. Timer Value" and "Max. Timer Value" options analyze timer values which are in the specified interval. Other values are ignored.  

The interval between the minimum timer value and the maximum timer value is divided into "Number of Steps", then the percentage of timer values for each step is calculated.


On the graph below, 48% of T_FMSTOCKS values are between 210.4 and 210.6 seconds.

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