Timer and Page Timer Values / Time

The Timers Values / Time is a graph showing the evolution of timer values during the job.

When the "Timer Value List" statistic is selected in the result tree view, the following dialog is opened:

"Aggregate timers" option

If there are several instances of the selected timers at a same timestamp, a single point is created on the chart. It contains the average time.

If the Merge option is set, statistics for a same timer name on several task groups are aggregated.

"All timers" option

All the instances of the selected timers are represented in the chart

Search - Select help

Click the "Check All" button to select all the timers.

Click the "Uncheck All" buton to unselect the timers.

Specify a regular expression in the Search edit box and click the "Search Next" button; the next timer corresponding to the specified regular expression is located in the timer list.

Specify a regular expression in the Filter edit box and click the "Filter" button; only the timers corresponding to the regular expression are listed in the timer list.


On the following graph, the evolution of T_FMSTOCKS and T_FMSTOCKS_NAVIGATE values (Left Y axis) can be easily related to the number of active users (right Y axis.)

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