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AgileLoad Language is a scripting language created by AgileLoad. Within AgileLoad Script Editor, it is used to write the Scripts which define the content of your Jobs. Use AgileLoad Language commands to model Scripts and develop the required Job scenarios.

When a Script is recorded, the raw HTTP/S traffic is represented using AgileLoad Language. This gives you control of the content of the Jobs you create and enables you to simulate the required Job scenarios, no matter how complex.

Script files consist of two sections which must appear in the following order:

The Declaration section contains the variable, constant and file definitions for the Script. It starts with the beginning of the file continues until the BEGIN keyword is encountered.

The BEGIN/END section is mandatory and contains the main Script commands. The start of this section is marked by the BEGIN keyword; it continues until the END keyword.

Tabs, spaces and form-feeds may be incorporated into the code to align commands and generally aid legibility; they have no other effect on compilation or script execution.

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