DNS_GetIpList function

Call the DNS_GetIpList function to get the list of IP addresses of the specified host.


Integer NumberOfIpAddresses = DNS_GetIpList(String DnsHost, Integer DnsPort, String HostToResolve, out String [] IpArray {, out Integer [] ttlArray} )



Character string representing the name or IP address of a DNS server.


Integer representing the listening port of the DNS server.


Character string representing the host to resolve.

IpArray (Output)

Array of Character string containing the IP addresses found for the specified host.

ttlArray (Output) (optional)

Array of integer containing the TTL for each IP address found. The TTL specifies the time interval in seconds that the DNS record is valid, or the time interval that the DNS record can be cached before the DNS server should be queried again.


Integer containing the number of IP addresses found for the specified host.


String IpArray[];
Integer TtlArray[];
Integer nbIp;
nbIp= DNS_GetIpList("DnsServer",53, "www.agileload.com", IpArray, TtlArray);

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