End Page Timer Command


This command switches off the named stopwatch page timer and writes an "end page timer" record in the statistics log, even if the page timer is already switched off.
A stopwatch timer is switched on by the START PAGE TIMER command.


End Page Timer pageTimerName;
End Page Timer pageTimerName Complete complete_period;



A string literal defining the page timer name.


An integer expression defining the minimum number of milliseconds the Script must be suspended.


integer iTestPageValue;
integer iMyTimerValue;

Start Page Timer "MyTimer";
Start Page Timer "TestPage";
HTTP GET HOST "localhost" URL "/test.html";
End Page Timer "TestPage" Complete 2000;
End Page Timer "MyTimer";

Load Timer "TestPage" into iTestPageValue;
Load Timer "MyTimer" into iMyTimerValue;
log "Time to load test.html = " + ToString(iTestPageValue) + " ms";
log "MyTimer duration = " + ToString(iMyTimerValue) + " ms";


Time to load test.html = 160 ms
MyTimer duration = 2000 ms

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