End Timer Command


This command switches off the named stopwatch timer and writes an "end timer" record in the statistics log, even if the timer is already switched off.
A stopwatch timer is switched on by the START TIMER command.


End Timer timerName;
End Timer timerName Complete complete_period;



A character string expression defining the timer name.


An integer expression defining the minimum number of milliseconds the Script must be suspended.


integer iTestPageValue;
integer iMyTimerValue;
String MyTimerNameVar;

MyTimerNameVar= "My Timer is a variable";

Start Timer MyTimerNameVar;
    Start Timer "TestPage";
        NAVIGATE "http://localhost/test.html";
    End Timer "TestPage" Complete 2000;
End Timer MyTimerNameVar;

Load Timer "TestPage" into iTestPageValue;
Load Timer "MyTimer" into iMyTimerValue;
log "Time to load test.html = " + ToString(iTestPageValue) + " ms";
log "MyTimer duration = " + ToString(iMyTimerValue) + " ms";


Time to load test.html = 160 ms
MyTimer duration = 2000 ms

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