Escape Sequences


Character combinations consisting of a backslash (\) followed by a letter or by a combination of digits are called "escape sequences".
To represent a newline character, or certain other characters in a character constant, you must use escape sequences.
They are used to provide literal representations of nonprinting characters and characters that usually have special meanings, such as the double quotation mark (") or the newline character. The following table lists the ANSI escape sequences and what they represent:

Escape Sequence  Represents 
\n New line.
\r Carriage return.
\t Horizontal tab.
\" Double quotation mark.
\\ Backslash.
\xhh The ASCII character having the hh hexadecimal code.


string szMessage;

szMessage = "A message \" containing \" double quotes";
Log szMessage;


A message " containing " double quotes

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