POP3_Read function

Call the POP3_Read function to read a message or read all messages from the server.


Read all messages:

Int iRet = POP3_Read();
Int iRet = POP3_Read(out string[] fromArray, out string[] subjectArray, out string[] dateArray, out string[] contentArray)

Read one message specified by id:

Int iRet = POP3_Read(Integer iMsgId);
Int iRet = POP3_Read(Integer iMsgId, out string from, out string subject, out string date, out string content)



// Read the message id 1
String msg_from;
String msg_subject;
String msg_date;
String msg_content;
POP3_Connect("AgileLoadMailServer", 110, "[email protected]", "xxxx");
POP3_Read(1, msg_from, msg_subject, msg_date, msg_content);

// Read all messages
String msg_from[];
String msg_subject[];
String msg_date[];
String msg_content[];
POP3_Connect("AgileLoadMailServer", 110, "[email protected]", "xxxx");
POP3_Read(msg_from, msg_subject, msg_date, msg_content);

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