ReverseFind Function


This function returns an integer value corresponding to the offset of the last match of the specified substring in the source string. The index of the first character in the source string is zero. If the substring is not found, the function returns -1.


result = ReverseFind(input_string, search_string)
result = ReverseFind(input_string, search_string, offset)
result = ReverseFind(input_string, search_string, options)
result = ReverseFind(input_string, search_string, offset, options)

If the offset does not lie within the boundaries of the source string, the result -1.
By default, the matching is case sensitive. The strings "London" and "LONDON", for example, would not produce a match. This can be overridden by specifying the NOCASE option (see below).



A string expression to be searched for the specified substring.


A string expression defining the substring to be located in the source string.


integer expression : Position to start looking from, in reverse direction


Available options are:

NOCASE  Performs a case insensitive search 


integer iPos;

iPos = ReverseFind("Find a word in this list of words", "Word", nocase);
LOG "Position = " + ToString(iPos);


Position = 28

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