The AgileLoad SMTP module is used to send Internet mail using the SMTP protocol (the Internet mail standard). It implements a standard SMTP client as specified in RFC 821. You can generate SMTP traffic by creating AgileLoad scripts containing calls to the SMTP functions.
You can use the AgileLoad Script Editor "Insert Mail Request" utility to insert SMTP function calls in your script.


IF (SMTP_Connect("AgileLoadMailServer", 25) == 0)

SMTP_SendOption("From", "[email protected]");
SMTP_SendOption("SendTo", "[email protected]");
SMTP_SendOption("Subject", "A first message");
SMTP_SendOption("Cc", "[email protected]");
SMTP_SendOption("Importance", "High");
SMTP_SendOption ("Sensitivity", "Personnal");
SMTP_Send ("Hello, this is a first message");


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